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Volume 54
Issue 2

Fall 2022

Vol. 54, Issue 2 • Indaten™, Industrial

Big build on the prairie

Weathering steel roots new build to its natural setting

At the southern edge of Alberta, the prairie fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Overhead, the sky spans seemingly forever, the vast blue broken only by the occasional wisp of cloud. A river ben…

Vol. 54, Issue 2 • Commercial

Par for the course

Reflecting the elegance and legacy of the golf club experience through

A round of golf is about much more than playing the course. It’s connecting with friends, family or business associates. The beauty of the landscape and time spent outdoors. The challenge of beating…

Vol. 54, Issue 2 • Residential

Home away from home

Steel clad residence at UNBSJ is built with longevity and legacy in mi

Nearly sixty years ago, the University of New Brunswick looked beyond its base in Fredericton and established a second campus in Saint John. For decades the Saint John site was modest. It developed a …

Vol. 54, Issue 2 • Residential, Steligence®, Sustainability

Solving the Canadian housing crisis with Steligence®

Steel offers environmental and financial benefits for high-rise constr

Cities are economic engines. They have the greatest concentrations of companies, the most job opportunities and the highest salaries. However, housing in major cities is increasingly unaffordable. The…

Vol. 54, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

Building peak performance

Canada Summer Games Sports Centre creates a legacy for Niagara Region

In August, 5,000 athletes, coaches and support staff journeyed to Niagara for the Canada Summer Games. For the young athletes, it was the opportunity they had been working towards for much of their li…

Volume 54
Issue 1

Spring 2022

Vol. 54, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

Thinking outside the box

Steel cladding adds energy to Churchill Meadows Community Centre

“It’s just a box,” says architect Tyler Walker. However, Walker’s description is intentionally coy. The new Churchill Meadows Community Centre in Mississauga is much more than “just” a …

Vol. 54, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

Celebrating culture spirit and community with steel

A spectrum of possibility with steel in education

For people of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, a new junior-senior high school is about more than education. It is also a centre for the community, which is approximately 90km northwest of Edmonton. Ch…

Vol. 54, Issue 1 • Residential

Steeling away to the lake

Pre-fabricated steel building in harmony with its lakeside setting

The shore of a quiet lake in Northern Ontario is a spot to commune with nature. It’s also a place to see how steel structures can intersect and complement the natural surroundings. The new he…

Vol. 54, Issue 1 • Commercial, Industrial

Fresh out of the keg

Molson Coors builds on two centuries of history in Canada

In 2021, the Molson Coors Beverage Company completed construction on an integrated brewing and distribution centre in Longueuil, Quebec. The ultramodern production and distribution complex is one of t…

Vol. 54, Issue 1 • Residential

Living lux with steel

Lightweight steel framing provides elegance in Oakville condo

Oakville, Ontario is known for its high-end real estate. Close to Toronto, but removed from the bustle of the city, Oakville is a desirable community with established neighbourhoods and well-appointed…

Volume 53
Issue 2

Fall 2021

Vol. 53, Issue 2 • Indaten™, Public Spaces

Weathering reflections of future past

Honouring past and present with weathering steel in Sudbury

Go for a walk around Sudbury, and you’ll find traces of both the region’s history and industries. Black leathered rocks, etched from mining. Red-orange ore seeping through the weathered ground.  …

Vol. 53, Issue 2 • Residential, Sustainability

And the correct answer is…

The Impact and Durability of Steel in Passive Housing

Wrapped in black steel cladding, the Parkview House in Victoria, BC is visually striking. The home is a simple two-storey design with a typical peaked roof. Its simplicity makes it stand out. But unde…

Vol. 53, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

The alchemy of water and steel

The Growing Market of Insulated Metal Panels in Aquatic Centres

Beloeil, Quebec, southwest of Montreal, is tucked between Mont Saint-Hilaire and the Richelieu River and surrounded by agricultural fields. Beloeil’s new aquatics centre celebrates this unique setti…

Vol. 53, Issue 2 • Residential

A room of one’s own

Modular Pods Create Modern Backyard Offices

A room of one’s own is necessary, Virginia Woolf tells us, for creativity and productivity. The thousands of people working from home over the last year and a half would surely agree.  B…

Volume 53
Issue 1

Spring 2021

Vol. 53, Issue 1 • Commercial

Form + Function

Expanding the palette of coloured steel surfaces

THE RECENTLY COMPLETED STRUCTUBE HEAD OFFICE IN LAVAL, QC – THE LARGEST WAREHOUSE IN THE CITY. Picture a child with a red crayon. Ask them to draw a house, and you’ll likely see a rectan…

Vol. 53, Issue 1 • Industrial

A clear span for success

KF Aerospace’s growth plans take off with steel support

THE NEW KF AEROSPACE MAINTENANCE HANGAR LOCATED AT JOHN C. MUNRO, HAMILTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. A Boeing 777 airplane is 74m long, 65m wide and 18.5m tall. If you want to park it in the garag…

Vol. 53, Issue 1 • Commercial, Industrial

Delivering the goods

Managing costs and efficiency by building for the environment you are

“In Winnipeg it’s much easier for us to design buildings because we don’t have any seismic load. It’s only wind loads… The deck was used to support the weight of the roofing system and the s…

Vol. 53, Issue 1 • Steligence®, Sustainability

Achieving net zero energy ready with steel

Weighing in on the benefits and performance of steel construction

Awareness is growing of sustainable building technologies and the need to reduce energy consumption. For architects, designers, engineers, contractors and developers, this increasing environmental con…

Volume 52
Issue 2

Fall 2020

Vol. 52, Issue 2 • Residential

Home Steel Home

The benefits of steel for residential construction

Steel is the go-to material for industrial and commercial construction. But when it comes to residential projects, steel is underrepresented. Jay Lim, principal at 25:8 Architecture + Urban Design in …

Vol. 52, Issue 2 • Residential

A Sustainable Aesthetic

Custom cladding defines new building at McMaster University

McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario needed more space. More classrooms, more room for student services, more residence beds, more parking, even a spot for a daycare. So university officials decid…

Vol. 52, Issue 2 • Residential

Steel from the Top Down

Metal tiles replicate natural roofing materials

Featuring True Nature Steel Tiles By Vicwest Ongoing maintenance is a necessary part of homeownership. Most homeowners are resigned to reshingling their roof every decade or so. But in addition to …

Vol. 52, Issue 2 • Steligence®, Sustainability

The Guiding Science of Steel Design

Building the most sustainable, cost-effective mid-rise building

Using scientific analysis to guide construction Mid-rise residential buildings can be found in cities across NorthAmerica, and more are under construction every day. Withcommercial spaces at street…

Volume 52
Issue 1

Spring 2020

Vol. 52, Issue 1 • Commercial, Residential

Steeling an amazing view

Maximizing density with steel creates panoramic vistas to Lake Ontario

Pier 27 is a multi-phase, large-scale condo development on Queens Quay, in Toronto’s central waterfront. As one of the last undeveloped lakefront parcels in the downtown core, Pier 27 is an importan…

Vol. 52, Issue 1

A new season of steel construction

Light Steel Frame Construction Delivers Precision, Efficiency and Savi

Située dans un quartier patrimonial de Cambridge (Ontario), la nouvelle résidence pour personnes âgées Seasons semble bien appartenir à son quartier. La pierre et la brique recouvrent les deux é…

Vol. 52, Issue 1 • Commercial, Public Spaces

Airport upgrade celebrates the prairie landscape

Steel blends old and new structures, while providing speed and cost-sa

The Brandon Municipal Airport needed a major upgrade. First constructed in the 1970s, the building was out-of-date and small. But Prairie Architects, Inc., the firm that was contracted for the project…

Vol. 52, Issue 1 • Industrial

Versatility leads to efficiency

Using pre-painted Z275 (G90) galvanized insulated steel panels to prov

When SMS Equipment was constructing a new facility just outside Laval, Quebec, the company was looking for a distinctive structure that reflected its business.  SMS is the leading Canadian hea…

Volume 51
Issue 2

Fall 2019

Vol. 51, Issue 2 • Industrial, Sustainability

Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre Steel Provides Energy Efficient Envelope

The impressive Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre is a LEED certified f

“The City of Saskatoon wanted an innovative program on a site that they had attained,” said Gerry Garvin the Senior Contract Administrator in an interview with Steel Design magazine. “It is boun…

Vol. 51, Issue 2 • Commercial

Nerves of Steel in Inuvik, NWT: Galvalume™ Steel and Light Steel Framing provide Flexibility, Durability and Design Freedom in the North

There are many reasons why using steel products are beneficial to arch

Steel has a lot of flexibility, which provides plenty of design freedom. It’s a robust material, light-weight, durable, attractive and maintenance free. Buildings in northern, remote locations are a…

Vol. 51, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

The Centre Sportif Marc-Simoneau is evocative of glaciers and ice

Pre-painted Z275 (G90) galvanized steel assists in ensuring perfect ar

The volumetry of this complex suggests a jagged-shaped glacier, a fragmented snow block reflecting sunlight, a piece of frosted and translucent ice in the northern environment,” says Yan Laplante, a…

Vol. 51, Issue 2 • Residential, Sustainability

Community boasts net-zero energy with the help of sleek Pre-painted Galvalume Steel Exterior

The healthy homes of Grow Community, an urban neighborhood on Bainbrid

Grow Community is a development that appeals to individuals and families looking to enrich their lives with environmental responsibility, while reaping the benefits of a high-quality, healthy lifestyl…

Vol. 51, Issue 2 • Steligence®, Sustainability

Steligence®: The Intelligent Construction Choice

Steel has long been integrated into building construction and recogniz

In the case study presented here, a mid-rise office building in the GTA area was virtually designed using steel component construction and contrasted against concrete construction. The functionality o…

Volume 51
Issue 1

Spring 2019

Vol. 51, Issue 1

Design Versatility, Ease of Installation and Resilience

The versatility of steel gives architects and engineers the freedom t

Steel offers consistently high-quality standards, precision products and guaranteed strength and durability in the most challenging environments. Steel is produced to the most exacting specifications …

Vol. 51, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

AZM150 Galvalume® Steel Provides Added Protection to this Heritage Trust Structure

Wolfville’s Railroad Station is one of Nova Scotia’s few remaining

The station, a two-and-a-half storey brick and stone building, is valued for its historical association to the railway system in the Annapolis Valley and for its renovation in 1993 by Wolfville’s ci…

Vol. 51, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel – perfect for Wall and Roof Cladding

Number Ten Architectural Group has a long history of working in remote

The Fox Lake Cree Nation School is located in the town of Gillam, a semi-rural community in Northern Manitoba. The 1,349m2 (14,520 sq. ft.) elementary school accommodates a student population of 65 (t…

Vol. 51, Issue 1

Certification of Canadian Manufacturers of Lightweight Steel Framing (LSF)

The CSSBI has developed a new standard CSSBI 61-18 Manufacturer Certification Requirements for Cold Formed Steel Framing Members. Under the CSSBI certification program, a participating Manufacture…

Vol. 51, Issue 1 • Commercial, Public Spaces

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Insulated Steel Panels complement revitalized Terminal 1

Ideally located on the St. Lawrence River, Montreal’s Old Port is re

In 1967 the Iberville Passenger Terminal, or Terminal 1, was constructed on a 305m x 91m (1,000 ft. x 298.5 ft.) pier for receiving cruise ship passengers. Parallel to it was a parking structure, or T…

Volume 50
Issue 2

Autumn 2018

Vol. 50, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

Behlen’s Design and Manufacturing Expertise –three Indoor Arenas in Georgia

Steel is so incredible for construction projects that it is known the

Fletcher went on to add that it was a long process to get the deal done in Georgia in order to build these structures but, by partnering with the right people the project became a reality. “One of t…

Vol. 50, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre, Red Deer College

When the City of Red Deer approached Red Deer College about hosting th

“We envisioned a facility that would be learner-centred; support teaching, learning and the student experience; provide for sport and lifestyle fitness and be available for community use,” says Do…

Vol. 50, Issue 2 • Public Spaces

Galvalume Plus™ accentuates the new tent-like roof

The unpainted 30,000 shingles in “À la Canadienne” shingle patte

The architects teamed-up to complete the Monique-Corriveau Library, which involved an addition to and conversion of the St-Denys-du-Plateau church in Québec City. Built in 1964, the church is a land…

Vol. 50, Issue 2 • Commercial

Corrugated AZM150 Galvalume® steel cladding – fit for a Harley!

With a steel exterior and towering presence, the unique Premont Harley

Located at 1071 Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand, near the axis of Route 358 and Autoroute Félix-Leclerc (A40), the building is sheathed with 2,787m2 (30,000 sq. ft.) of 0.61mm (.0239”) 22.2mm (7/8”) co…

Vol. 50, Issue 2

LustreLok™ – the Advanced Acrylic Coating for Galvanized Steel

LustreLok™ is a thin, clear organic coating, applied to both sides o

This enhancement offers our customers and users the following benefits: REDUCED COSTS: • The product is designed to be roll formed dry, which eliminates the need for lubricants • Lower maintena…

Volume 50
Issue 1

Spring 2018

Vol. 50, Issue 1 • Residential

UltraBond Floor System speeds up Apartment Building Construction

A composite floor system shortened construction time by three months a

Once assembled into floor decking and with rebar placed in the deep V-grooves, concrete is poured on the Ultra-Bond, creating a lightweight composite floor 292mm (11.5”) thick. Once finished, it has…

Vol. 50, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

Steel and the sound of music

The Taylor Performing Arts Centre is music to students’ ears at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Designed by Pfeiffer Architecture, construction on the new addition to the school was begun in 2011…

Vol. 50, Issue 1 • Public Spaces

Pre-Painted Steel Cladding Integral to the North

The new Aquatic Centre in Iqaluit, Nunavut, has revitalized the commun

“It’s an aquatic centre first with community centre elements and a fitness facility. It’s Phase 1 of a long-term plan to increase recreational facilities in the community,” he explains. “Sin…

Vol. 50, Issue 1 • Public Spaces, Sustainability

Steel Wall Cladding – Versatility, Flexibility and Lightweight

The award-winning Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre (CCRC) is n

The LEED Silver building resulted from a joint-use partnership between the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club. MJMA of Toronto along with local partners HIP Architects (now Ka…

Vol. 50, Issue 1 • Industrial

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Cladding contributes to re-cladding project

The Victoria Park Transfer Station is a waste drop-off and transfer f

The waste transfer station was built in the 1970s by Inducon Consultants of Canada Limited. The original brick building was constructed without a rain screen cavity. As a result, moisture entering the…

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