Vol. 50, Issue 2 • Commercial

Corrugated AZM150 Galvalume® steel cladding – fit for a Harley!

With a steel exterior and towering presence, the unique Premont Harley-Davidson dealership on the outskirts of Quebec City, like the motorcycles themselves, is built to be admired. Opened for business in August 2012, the approximately 8,000m2 (86,000 sq. ft.) building contains a showroom, boutique, repair shop, museum and even a restaurant.

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Located at 1071 Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand, near the axis of Route 358 and Autoroute Félix-Leclerc (A40), the building is sheathed with 2,787m2 (30,000 sq. ft.) of 0.61mm (.0239”) 22.2mm (7/8”) cor- rugated AZM150 Galvalume steel cladding, coloured QC2642 Silver.

Why Galvalume? “It was a question of economy. The choice of a metallic exterior facing is economical. Also, it gives the sides of the building an industrial look.

Installing the Galvalume. The top of the tower is left open.

It is a bit in that spirit. It creates a look seldom seen elsewhere,” says Stefan Landry, architect with Les Consultants DMG. Landry also acknowledges that the cladding is a good fit with the Harley Davidsons themselves.

Building Close up with metal mesh

Expanded metal mesh was installed over the Galvalume.

Adding to the look is approximately 1,858m2 (20,000 sq. ft.) of AMICO architectural series expanded metal APEX style 01, installed over the exterior walls and all the way up the sides of the six-story tower.

The wall system includes 152mm (5.98”) by 20-gauge studs.

The total effect is an iconic building which, just like the no-nonsense Harleys themselves, never fails to make an impression.

North elevation showing the extensive use of 22.2mm (7/8”) Galvalume AZM150 wall cladding.